Monday, July 27, 2015

Good Deeds & "Made It Monday" (July 27th)

Linking up again with 4th Grade Frolics for "Monday Made It"!

Okay...technically nothing was "made" per se....except maybe the day of a few kindergarten teachers!

While reading Doodle Bugs Teaching 's "5 for Friday" from July 17th, I came across her google doc to donate books to a school in Mississippi that was burned down on July 10th. Ta-Da! Good deed done! I was able to donate a few copies of my very favorite beginning of the year read, First Day Jitters. Follow the link above if you'd like to donate as well!

Amazon, I love you. Thank you for making it easy to purchase and ship wherever I want. :)

Moving on...I have started a new classroom beast. Brag tags. I've always seen them, but in a class of 28 first graders, it was too overwhelming for me....

 This year I will be teaching ESL, small groups of 10 is much easier to manage for me so I'm tailor-making them to fit my ESL needs. 

Here are a few of the "fun" tags I've made. The remaining ones will be tied to language goals somehow. I'm still brainstorming. I can also see where these become very addictive...

Lastly, a nice little "thank you" to Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin' for her Harry Potter labels! I'm so excited to use them in my ESL room. The possibilities are endless!

Talk soon,

Monday, July 6, 2015

Harry Pottery Nursery "Monday Made It!" - July 6, 2015

It's summer and I hardly have my mind on back to school yet, so I'm I'm linking up with Fourth Grade Frolics and sharing some cute crafts I've been working on for my son's room!

When I first started to think about theme, it went something like this......"What if it's a boy?"...Harry Potter works! "What if it's a girl?"...HARRY POTTER STILL WORKS! Huzzah! A nursery theme was born!

At first, I knew I wanted dark furniture and a quote on the wall above the crib. The beautiful thing about a child's room is that it doesn't need to be complete by the time they arrive, they have no clue! So, here I am 6 months later, with more time to do it, and it's coming along! Here is the before:

We painted the walls yellow, added neutral carpet, a light blue ceiling, and this quote from my dear Albus. Then my mom made a HP theme rocker out of my little rocker from my childhood, and I received tons of books! I found the light at this sweet local light store and my husband installed it for me. (Yay, Engineers!)

From that point on, I didn't do much with the room, until I knew I was sure of what I wanted. My mother-in-law made a HP theme quilt for the bed, a snitch diaper holder, and I bought an owl mobile. Then...this happened....

I saw some cute HP prints online that I wanted, but they were sold as flat, framed prints, and I wanted them to be canvas and hand painted. So,, hem...."borrowed" the idea and made my own for my little Douglas!

Acrylic paint, a small 8" x 10" canvas, and a little bit of artistic flair and VOILA! Hagrid, Dumbledore, Harry, and the Dark Lord were drying on my mantle after a few nap time craft sessions.

The next thing I needed was an original idea and a little bit of personalization SO, I got a wooden letter and went to town with acrylic paint and printed pictures of the HP book covers to Mod Podge on.

Lastly, just a few details and original ideas of my own to round it all out....a map (from pine board, printed map, Mod Podged it on and painted the writing at the bottom), and a famous book quote!!

 Of course, being the perfectionist that I am, I had to trace everything and lay it out on paper until I was satisfied with the arrangement...


... then I hung everything up in D's room using 3M Command picture frame stickies (handy little velcro things that won't damage my 100 year old walls!) I hung the broom, (a gift from my sweet friend The Short and Sassy Teacher), from the ceiling using 3M Command clear hooks and fishing line, the snitch is also on a clear Command hook (it's meant to be a car antenna topper! - I love repurposing!)

Now, where to put the sorting hat, the growth chart, and a directional sign....

Talk soon!

Saturday, July 4, 2015


I'm trying to get back to some sort of blogging schedule this summer by linking up with Oh, Boy 4th Grade today for another summer "currently"!!

Listening: Pandora has these great genre stations, just type in a genre and it plays fantastic music for you! I constantly use this in my classroom for centers, class parties, Field Day, etc. This year I will be purchasing a premium membership so that I don't have to hear any commercials!

Loving: Husband works too hard. He deserves some time with me, right? HA-HA! 

Thinking: Seriously, I haven't thought about school one bit since we let out mid-June. Totally not like me at all! I'm sure it'll kick in soon....or maybe NOT!!!!

Wanting: Seriously...have you ever had the deliciousness that is "Tropical Sno"!? These little road side stands are heavenly in the summer. It was my go-to last summer when I was pregnant and so unbearably sick....try the Ocean Pacific won't regret it! NOM NOM NOM....

Needing: We hit up the local parade this morning, D went down for a nap, and we will be heading out to a BBQ this afternoon. We are really, REALLY lucky to be going to Long Beach, IN tomorrow to attend a party with a famous chef! HOORAY! So excited to eat all the delicious food!!

All Star: I am an ALL STAR when it comes to Dubsmash. I LOVE IT. If you don't have this app, get it now and have fun. I send videos to my husband, parents, and friends daily. Lip sync is totally my thing. Get into it!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday with their families and friends! Eat, drink, and be festive! WOO HOO, AMERICA!

Talk soon!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy summer!..and a quick update!

I'm so excited that summer break is upon us once again! ( 5 more days for me.....) 

There have been some REALLY big changes in my life since last fall when I fell off the face of the blogosphere. In January, my husband and I welcomed our first child!!!! Our son, Douglas, is now 5 months old and a happy and healthy little boy. We are just thrilled! Between that, maternity leave, and now back to work (and feeling a tad bit lost), I've been pretty busy...This picture is an accurate description:

The other big news is that I interviewed and was accepted as an ESL teacher for my district for next school year! YAY! So, I've been working on finishing the year with my sweeties, then on to "bigger and better things" as they say. I'll continue working in our k-2 building, but now I get to work with our ELLs in all three grade levels. Bye bye classroom! Hello new adventure!!!

Any advice from current ESL or bilingual teachers is much appreciated! I'll try my best to blog my way through the summer and set some goals to make it to some linkys once in a while. I hope everyone has a great start and I look forward to seeing your blogs soon!

Talk soon,