Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Made It! 7/28/14 {Bulletin Board Clips}

I finally made it to a "Monday Made It" this summer! Linking up 4th Grade Frolics this week after an *eh-hem* extended "made it" vacation....

 It's been a little nutty trying to get things ready for a new room in the first grade wing, new tables, and *finally* shared supplies! I've been hard at work crafting things for my Harry Potter themed classroom, so today I bring you my latest and greatest idea. 

Last year I displayed my student work on a large bulletin board with the usual staples. Every time I wanted to switch work around (usually once a week or every other week), I would inevitably rip and tear my students's work. GAAHHH!!! So frustrating. So in the middle of year I decided that next year, there had to be a change and TA-DA!....the idea was born. 

I started out thinking I wanted to hang student work in the hallway on string using clothespins. I did this and it worked out well, until someone opened the door and blew all of my papers right off the wall....again ripping or tearing them. Oh, the headaches.

This year I'm going to use my large bulletin board WITH CLOTHESPINS! {What, you say? Clothespins can't be affixed to a bulletin board you say?!!?} Well, genius me decided to glue thumbtacks to the back of mini clothespins to hang work from! No more rips, no more tears, no more sad teacher ruining hard work!! Here's how it works:

I started with the following supplies:
1.) Mini clothespins
2.) Hot glue gun and glue sticks
3.) Thumbtacks (the kind with the semi-flat end, NOT push pins!)
4.) Yellow acrylic paint
5.) Black sharpie

I hot glued a thumbtack to the back of each mini clothespin until I had an army of them ready to paint. Since you only see the front of the clothespin, I only painted the front of the clothespin. {Why make more work for yourself?}

After the paint was good and dry, I drew a lightning bolt on each clothespin with black sharpie, because (duh) Harry Potter has a lightning shaped scar. 

I'm super excited to get these babies up on my board at school and display some fun first grade projects! I made sure to make some extras in the event that thumbtacks come unglued or clothespins come apart. Can't wait to see what everyone else is working on for their rooms!

Talk soon,

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