Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Blogger Meetup and Currently July!

This week started with an awesome Monday Blogger Meetup at Brio inside the lovely Yorktown Mall property! I met so many nice ladies and a nice guy to follow and blogstalk. Thank you to Erin at The Short and Sassy Teacher for hooking me up with this cool event!! What I found most helpful was putting a face to the blog name and hearing how others use their blogs to spread ideas and make themselves a little cash using TpT. Now, I'm not very good at the whole marketing aspect of blogging, but I loved hearing what helped make them successful! 

After we shared some tips, ideas, a little about ourselves, we headed up to The Chalkboard for some teacher shopping. I was able to pick out some new borders and things for my new classroom (not a new grade, just a new room away from the stinky corner I so lovingly called "pee corner" because my room was directly across from the first grade boys' can imagine what that was like day in and day out...) My goal for July is to NOT ENTER AND SET UP THE CLASSROOM. I need a solid month off to reboot....but that doesn't mean I'm not at home crafting and planning...and planning...and planning!!! 

Linking up a day late with Farley at Oh Boy, 4th Grade for July's edition of Currently...

Listening: I believe it was Anchored in 3rd that said she was a sucker for trash tv in her free time. Amen, sistah! I'm enjoying the early days of RHONJ when the drama seemed more real and the ladies were VERY "jersey".

Loving: I've only been on summer break officially since June 19th so I'm loving getting some much needed sleep and relaxation.

Thinking: They come between 12 & 2. SO EXCITED!!!

Wanting: Being pregnant means I have to watch the caffeine intake. I really would love a Coke right now!

Needing: I'm currently reading about 12 books...okay maybe not 12 but a lot. I need more time and faster processing in my brain to absorb all the goodness!

4th Plans: ALWAYS the parade in the morning and this year we are having a shin-dig at my aunt's. Complete with a fireworks show at the park! I love the 4th of July but this is usually the mid-mark to summer and I feel like I've only just begun!

I'm on the search for a cool way to store shared post coming soon!

Talk soon,


  1. I love summer TV! There are so many shows I watch in summer that I'd never take the time to watch during the school year.

    It's so weird that some people are just done with school! We've been off for over a month, and we go back before this month is over!

  2. One of my goals to is to NOT go to my classroom in July but I don't think it last. Enjoy your summer, have fun!
    Pocket of Preschool

  3. I love your classroom goal...maybe I should get on board with that. I haven't watched ANY RHONJ this season yet! Am I missing anything fabulous??
    Short and Sassy Teacher