Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June Currently and Summer Plans

I officially feel like a terrible teacher blogger, but I promise to make it up this summer!

The "spring" seems to have gotten away with me. I use quotation marks because "spring" in Chicago this year was snow, cold, snow, cold, rain, cold.....gray. It was simply awful. However, it seems those days are behind us as the humidity and 85+ degree weather is back! I'll never complain about summer heat again!!! (maybe.)

We are still in school in my district due to the 4 extreme temperature days that we had in January and February. It feels like the winter has played a part in making everyone in our building just a bit crabby and ready for a break. I've even caught myself singing, "This is the year that never ends....yes it goes on and on my friends..." I'll try to keep my chin up and survive the next 5 days! I CAN DO IT! I CAN DO IT! CAN I DO IT? I mean...I CAN DO IT!!!

Here's my June currently, linked up with Oh, Boy 4th Grade:

Listening: Self-explanatory

Loving: HALLELUJAH it's warm! No jacket for this teacher!

Thinking: I'm so exhausted I plan on doing not one thing the week after school lets out. I just need to sleep and relax and then get back in the swing of it!

Wanting: Frozen Cokes are my super summer vice.....must...drink....cold....slushie....

Needing: Summer vacation to get my life in order!

Summer bucket list: Crafts! I plan on crafting a lot for my home and for wedding gifts for two sweet friends. Maybe Short and Sassy will be by my side? Also, enjoying my garden is a must. The herbs are planted and it's ready to go! Lettuce, basil, rosemary, lavender...all the necessities. Lastly, and again, need my Short and Sassy Teacher for this one...make it to a blog meetup! Get ideas! Get motivated!!!

Talk soon,


  1. Hi Emily,
    First off I'm sending you all the energy to finish your last couple of days-you can do it!!
    I agree a week of sleep sounds wonderful!! I also love crafts, can't wait to see what you come up with!
    -Newest follower

    -Lovely Nina
    Lovely Nina Designs

    1. Hello Miss Nina! Thank you for the well wishes and the follow! I'll be sure to post what I make this summer when I actually have that precious gift of TIME! :)

  2. Oh my goodness. Now *I* want a frozen Coke! LOL. Don't hate me, but I've been out of school for 2 1/2 weeks. Unfortunately I've been soOoOoOo stinkin' busy every day that this afternoon is my first one "off". Keep going! You'll make it!

    1. I am so super jealous of you!!! Enjoy your time - read some books, sit in the sun, drink a frozen Coke!!!! LOL!!

  3. You are precious! Yes...this HAS been the year that never ends, but we're almost there!!!! Of course I'll gladly be your sidekick during your crafty creations. With two hot glue guns and some glitter, we can take over the world!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

    1. You are *too* sweet!!! We are almost there. I can feel the end coming!!! I think if we started hot gluing and glittering everything, the world would be a better place. Let's start!