Monday, January 6, 2014

I'm baaaack...and January "Currently"!

Well, bloggers, it's been quite a few weeks! Do you even remember me??? I used to be pretty consistent with this blogging thing.....BUT.... I promised myself that during Winter Break this year I would relax on all things grading, no planning, no blogging, etc. I needed (and deserved) a break! I did pretty good on most things (apart from planning ahead in math...) Alas, now that I've taken time to refresh and relax, it's time to get started fresh in a brand new year! Happy 2014!

I thought I would share what I think is my *most GENIUS* idea ever! This holiday season I made an Amazon wishlist with my school email address. I loaded it up with all of the great mentor texts and books that I've been wanting since last summer! Guess what? I got a TON of them as gifts for Christmas! WOO HOO! I love generous parents! Here's a peek at a few that I received!! I'm super giddy at all of these wonderful hardcovers!! 

Moving on! 
I am currently trying to stay warm on what my district is calling a "snow day". However, the snow stopped two days ago! Here's what I looked like shoveling the other day.....

I live near Chicago, which recently has become known as the arctic tundra Chiberia (see the hashtag on your preferred social media source for some GREAT photos of what we're dealing with!) Here's a photo of the peephole in my front door. This is the view from *inside* my house....yes, that's frost! IT IS FROZEN INSIDE OF MY HOUSE. Brrr!! We haven't had school because of these extreme temps.

Today I was chatting with my friend The Short and Sassy Teacher, and we both made snow ice cream. No joke, it's ice cream made out of snow. { Here's } the recipe! It was okay, not great. Maybe I did it wrong or something. I fancy myself to be somewhat of an ice cream snob, but my cat seemed to enjoy it!

We are experiencing -35 to -45 degree wind chill temps with the actual temperature at -6 for the high. The same goes for tomorrow so I'll be sleeping in again! NO SCHOOL FOR ME! :)

I must admit that I'm ready to get back to a routine. I have a student teacher starting and I'm looking forward to sharing my classroom with her! 

With that said here's my January currently with Oh Boy, 4th Grade!

Listening: I watch Frasier every single night before going to bed. I think Kelsey Grammar's voice soothes me into sweet dream land...

Loving: Having 2 extra days off from reality! Woo!

Thinking: I spent 2 weeks chilling back to the craziness and stress! Eek!

Wanting: I hope my student teacher is as amazing as I think she'll be!!

Needing: With all my new hardcovers (that I will reserve from my little firsties' grubby fingers), I need an effective way to organize and store them. Anyone have any tips for me?

Memory/Tradition: Every year I watch Rock Star with Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston. I don't know how this started but I seriously love this movie. It's a great way to ring in the new year, especially because I'm not a big fan of New Year's Eve.

Talk soon,


  1. You're right- we are twinsies with our blog posts! My kitty cat loved the snow ice-cream too!
    Love ya!

  2. I found your blog thru Farley's Currently and I am your newest follower! I teach first grade near Chicago, too! I can handle the snow.... but this cold?!?!?!??!? It's colder than cold, actually. Stay warm!

    A+ Classroom Creations

  3. Hey You! I love you and you're part of my sunshine! I've nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger award. Check out my post for details. :)
    Short and Sassy Teacher