Sunday, December 1, 2013

Conferences and December Currently! Ho, ho, ho!

Last week was a much needed break from my firsties. I feel more exhausted this year than in previous years. Last Monday and Tuesday brought parent-teacher conferences, which is always a lot of prep work and non-stop talking for 2 days straight! Eek! This year I created a new conference form to help guide my conferences and you can pick it up for free { here } in my TpT store!

As for the rest of my week - I am very proud of myself! I did NOT ONE school thing over my 5-day weekend!!! YAY FOR ME! I slept, enjoyed family, and spent time putting up holiday decorations. I'm already all caught up in lesson planning for the rest of 2013, so now I can focus on making things special for this season for my firsties (and myself!) 

I have been wrestling with the idea of having my Elf on the Shelf back in my classroom this year. I had him last year and it brought a lot of joy, but was also a lot of work. Plus this year I have more students that don't celebrate Christmas. We are teaching about a lot of holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Las Posadas, Yalda, etc.), so I was feeling a little "off" about my elf. Alas, after much though and blog-searching for how to incorporate the Elf into other holiday celebrations, he will be making his annual appearance back at school tomorrow!

And now for my currently link up with Oh' Boy, 4th Grade!

Listening: I'm not proud of this one.....but it's my Sunday night guilty pleasure. I like trash t.v. that requires no thinking or analyzing on my part. I'm a Bravoholic and I can't help it. It's how I de-stress and relax before my upcoming week. So there! :-P

Loving: The Yankee Candle tart burner was my best purchase ever! I'm smelling an aromatherapy scent right now, but for the holiday season I bought Autumn Leaves, Cinnamon Stick, Cozy Sweater, and Balsam & Fir. 

Thinking: I wasn't in the holiday spirit until this very weekend. I wasn't even really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year, but now it's hit me and I'm baaaack!!! 

Wanting: I seriously need a floor length, double layer, down coat for the frigid Chicago winters. We go out for recess unless it is 15 degrees or below. However, I don't have $600 to spend, so I'm looking for sales, coupons, etc. I might have to wait for an after-Christmas sale.....hit me up if you know of anything reasonably priced right now!

Needing: More holiday cheer would be nice. It's been a tough year so we need a little Christmas! I'm looking forward to watching my favorite holiday movies this month. Especially The Bells of St. Mary's, It Happened on 5th Avenue, & Holiday Inn!

Favorite Tradition: Since my first Christmas, I have received 1-3 glass ornaments from my family each year. They are dated and beautiful. I also have some 1930s and 1940s ornaments that belonged to my great-grandmother. When I have children of my own, I will continue this tradition as I am filled with great holiday memories as I unwrap each delicate ornament each Christmas season.

Talk soon,


  1. Your blog is so cute! I am glad I found it through Currently! I am starting the Elf on the Shelf for the first time tomorrow. I'm excited! :) New follower!

    Covered in Glitter and Glue

  2. I'm sooooo with you on trash tv! I can't wait to use my new Elf on the Shelf this year!
    Happy Holidays!
    Short and Sassy Teacher