Friday, November 8, 2013

Telling Time to the Hour {Must Read Mentor Text Linky!}

Is anyone else having a hard time adjusting to daylight savings time? I FELT EXHAUSTED ALL THIS WEEK!

Today I'm linking up for the first time with Collaboration Cuties for their "Must Read Mentor Text" Linky Party!!! I'm featuring the story The Grouchy Ladybug by the *fantastic* Eric Carle as a mentor text to introduce the concept of telling time to the hour.

This week my firsties were hard at work for 5 days on this concept!! We pre-tested before the unit so that students who knew the concept received enrichment services and I had the rest of my group in my room during math time. Here's what we did:

We began the week with the story of The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle. We not only learned about time to the hour from this story, but also about being a good friend and sharing with others. Double whammy!

On day 2 we learned the poem "Chloe the Clock" <-------a freebie on Ashley Reed's TpT account! I was happy it incorporated some TPR (total physical response) into our day. We made our arms into the long minute hand and the short hour hand, then moved them around clockwise. Students *loved* decorating Chloe in their own way and displaying them in the hallway!

On day 3 we started to explore the question "How much time does it take?" (also from the *free* Chloe the Clock packet!) We discussed seconds, minutes, and an hour. We made guesses as to whether we could stay quiet for a second...and we did! Then a minute....HARD but we did it! An hour?!?! NO WAY, JOSE!!!

On day 4 we reviewed writing the minute and hour hands on the clock and made a stack book together noting how many seconds in a minute, minutes in an hour, hours in a day, and finally days in a week. Students made their own "wristwatch" from cut toilet paper rolls. (I used this as a mini assessment to see if they could correctly write a time to the hour with a long minute hand on the 12 and a short hour hand on whatever hour they chose. Then they had to read the time to me!)

My favorite was the creative "Minion Watch"...

My own creation...

Lastly, day 5 was a review using the game "I have...who has..." and we had our final post test! 
I love that we are able to get deeper into topics using the CCSS. I think they will have an easier time when it comes to time to the half hour later this year! Fingers crossed!

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  1. It certainly looks like you guys were having a good 'time' this week! I love all of the hands-on creations!
    Way to go girlie!