Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Madness and Class Party Ideas!

I love this time of year when my firsties are all a-talk with ghosts, vampires, and other creepy creatures! Just check out a mask one of my girls made at recess one day! Creativity at its best!

My favorite day of the year is fast approaching! It's almost Halloween and I'm starting to wonder how other districts celebrate this day? In our district, Halloween is always used as a SIP (School Improvement Plan) Day. When students arrive, they are already in costume. We have a parade around the school, and a lot of parents show up to cheer the kids on and take in all of the wonderful costumes! Then, we spend time having a Halloween party. This year, the teachers planned the party and our most wonderful PTA provides the volunteers to run the party. Here's what's in store for my little ghouls:

1. Snack - Ghost Banana and Rice Krispie Treats (peanut and tree nut free!) We wanted to make the pumpkin oranges as well, but the deal with living in Chicago is that oranges are now OUT OF SEASON! Eek! Here's the pic of the cute snack:
The rest of the activities:
2. Halloween Charades 
3. Pumpkin Painting 
4. Pumpkin Bowling
5. Halloween BINGO (with Halloween tattoos for prizes, of course!)

How does your school/district celebrate Halloween? Drop me a line or email me! I love bringing new and awesome ideas to the table. I wouldn't want to get boring now, so please share some love!

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