Saturday, September 21, 2013

Celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day!

What a day on Friday! We had a 1/2 day of school *and* celebrated Johnny Appleseed's birthday. His actual birthday isn't until September 26th, but we always celebrate the Friday before.

Not only did we do the usual "dress up as Johnny" and "wear a pot on your head", bring an apple for snack, but we also did some super cute activities from Cupcake for the Teacher! You can check out her Johnny craftivities { here } !

We started the day with an apple experiment: smell, touch, taste, sound, and feel. Then we hypothesized which liquid would preserve an apple from turning brown best: water, pop, lemon juice, or milk. Our results were......LEMON JUICE!

We then watched a Discovery Education video about Johnny Appleseed.

Last, we created our own Johnny, complete with facts and a page that students wrote "I think Johnny Appleseed was important because..."

My favorite was "because he planted apple seeds and was a good guy."

We created a Johnny Appleseed hat and ended the day with a graph: "How Do You Like to Eat Your Apples?" Obviously, apple pie was the winner!

Talk soon!

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