Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Nutty Week & 5 For Friday!

This has been a week I will never forget! The weather has been crazy, my allergies have been crazy, and my firsties have been STIR crazy! We even had a coyote on the playground one day...Is it a full moon?!

Today, I'm linking up (one day late, because I needed a break last night) with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share 5 things from this week in my classroom:

1.  Froot Loops graphing: Throughout our CCSS unit on interpreting data, my students had the chance to get hands on with some Froot Loops the day we introduced bar graphs. Gotta love the collaborative work! (And Froot Loops are peanut and tree nut free for those of you who need that!)

2. Hundreds Chart: Also during our "interpreting data" unit, we practice the concept of more and less. Here, my students are using a *giant* hundreds chart to find patterns in the numbers and find "one more" and "one less" than given numbers. They LOVED being able to choose a number themselves and quiz their friends.

3. Dice Game: After using the ginormous hundreds chart, we broke off into groups to roll dice and find "one more" and "one less" of the numbers we rolled. These foam dice are so fun and CHEAP! I use them in centers, during math time, and for free time as well! Find them, along with a lot of other cool, cheap manipulatives { here }!

4. Another great resource for teaching about the hundreds chart can be found { here }!!
I use these interactive hundreds charts in my room to reinforce concepts. The "splat square" hundreds chart is a *favorite* of my students. It has fun sound effects and lots of colors to point out patterns on the chart and show more and less in a very concrete way!

5. This last one's for me: I started setting up my Halloween things this week. My favorite holiday is only a month away! I'm just starting but here's how my mantle looks so far.

Talk soon!

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