Saturday, August 24, 2013

I want your feedback! What does *your* district do?

What a week! In my district, we have several teachers that are also "Administrative Trainees", which means we have administrative duties on top of our teaching duties. As someone whose goal is administration (some day...), I *love* being involved in this! 
This week was our "Trainee Week". We made bus tags for every K-2 student for the first few weeks of school, created schedules, plans, building/custodial calendars, ordered books for birthdays and reading incentives, copied and assembled folders for curriculum night, etc. I can't remember being so tired....except for maybe next week when my firsties come!

I'm anyone else involved in an administrative program at their school? How does your district utilize teachers in lead positions?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Firsties & A New Blog Design (Coming soon....)

I'm starting to get pretty excited about the new school year. I had the chance to work our "CSI Night" last night (Class lists, Student Information Night), and met some of my new firsties! My favorite part of the evening was when a student from last year bragged about first grade being "THE BEST YEAR EVER!" It just warms my heart :)

Now it's my job to put a letter in the mail for each of them! They love getting mail and it's so worth it to make them feel more comfortable for the first day!

I'm also *VERY* excited because I've gotten in touch with Kristin from iTeach1:1 who put me in touch with Christi from Design by Christi to revamp my blog. I started small, designing my own blog, but now that I feel competent after my first summer blogging, it's time to get serious! I get to reveal my new blog design at the beginning of September, so stay tuned!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Made It Monday - August 12, 2013

Linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for today's Made It Monday linky party again!

My first project this week was to make my frame for my students' first day of school photos. In the past I've just taken a regular photo to use for things throughout the year, but this year I'm going to do a first and last day picture to compare at the end of the school year, along with a writing sample. It's always amazing how much my firsties grow during the year.  I made this frame for less that $15 from things found at Michael's.

My next "made it" is the wall outside my classroom! I share this small space with my teacher neighbor, so this year we decided to make it easy on ourselves and keep one board up to display different student work all year long! The sign says "Great Work Hangs Out Here" and there will be a clothespin for each student in our classes. I used some 3M Command Strips and parachute rope from Michael's.

Lastly, I made this frame for my friend, Michelle, who will be getting married in October! We celebrated her bridal shower last weekend and I was *super* excited to give this to her! She loved it!

Back to the school grind!
Talk soon!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Made It Monday 8/5/13 - personalized clipboards, class birthday Gifts, & my class jobs chart!

I'm ready for Made It Monday with {4th Grade Frolics} again! 

This week I've been getting my craft on and working on some B2S things. I decided I wanted to make a little something for each of the teachers on my team. Thanks to {The Frugal Girls}for the inspiration in making everyone a personalized clipboard to use!! I'm going to package them with some post it notes because no teacher ever has enough of those!

Also, each year I get my firsties something special for their birthday. One year it was a Scholastic book of their choice, last year was school supplies and some candy, BUT now my school is completely candy-free (meaning the teachers can't give it out as a, EVER!!!!)

This is how I felt:

After I stopped crying, I searched the blogosphere and decided that I am jumping on the Scentos bandwagon! One of my favorite things is using scented markers to grade papers and see students suck the paper up to their noses to get a good whiff of my scented stars and happy faces. It always cracks me up! So this is just all too perfect.....

I bought many packages of three Scentos at Walmart for only $3.00 each! Then, I made my own tags and tied a cute ribbon to each one. I think they turned out *adorable*. They say "I hope your birthday is "scent"sational"

My final "Made It" this week is my new class jobs chart. I was inspired by Amy over at {Sweet Tea and Mosquitoes} to make my own cute side by side chart hanging on ribbon. I'm pretty obsessed with it....

I'm still thinking about all I have to do in my room before parents come to meet me on the night of August 27th! Yikes!!! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else posts this week for some inspiration!!