Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tune Into Technology Linky 7/18/13

First of all, I'd like to celebrate a mini achievement....1000 page views on my blog this morning! WOO WOO!

Ok, now that that's out of my system....ON TO THE LINKY PARTY! I'm linking up again with the wonderful iTeach 1:1 for today's "Tune Into Technology" Linky Party! Today's topic is classroom websites and OH LORDY could I use some help with mine!

My district provides all of the teachers with their own website. Here is how I primarily use mine:
1. Post weekly classroom newsletter
2. Post monthly homework calendar
3. Post snack and water bottle rules
4. Post first grade handbook for the year
5. Spotlight pictures of my kiddos doing fun things
6. Provide my contact information
7. Link to our Scholastic Books Club website
*My main goal is to be more "green" this year. I'm going to email my weekly newsletter to parents and only print a copy for those who do not provide our district with an email address. I would love any new "green" ideas!!*

I think it's super lame and can be utilized in much better ways. That being said I've put the following into place this summer in an effort to be more "techy":
1. Wall Wisher (Padlet) for my students to write to me during the summer
2. My blogspot blog...not really meant for parents, but hey, they can check it out too!!

I can't wait to see what others have posted. I'm loving the idea of using Draggo to keep practice websites organized! I'm going to check it out today thanks to Amanda at Learning to the Core!! Keep the ideas comin' people!!!


  1. I'm also trying to be more green this year too. I'm trying to put more assignments on my website and have kids turn them in through our dropbox feature. I know that's harder with the little ones, but Amanda and Aylin do that a lot. I like that you have your kiddos write to you over the summer. Wish I had thought of that. Thanks for linking up and congrats on 1,000 views!

    iTeach 1:1

  2. Congratulations on 1,000 views-so exciting! I love the idea of posting a weekly newsletter on your classroom website...I definitely need to start doing that this year too. Such a great idea! Thanks so much for linking up and for the sweet shout out! :) I am hoping Draggo will make all (including our students') of our lives easier next year!!

    Learning to the Core

  3. Yay on 1,000! I like idea of posting the weekly newsletter on the website, not only is it more green...but it also encourages parents to view and checkout the website more often :)

  4. Congrats on the 1000 views. Very Cool.
    How receptive are your teachers to using the website?
    We've found that many don't care or would rather make their own.

    Digital: Divide & Conquer
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  5. Hi Mr. Matt! Matt's are wonderful, as I am married to one!! Anyways...a lot of teachers use their website only to post information about the class. They don't include links, pictures, anything interactive. They set it up, and let it gather dust. Most teachers are receptive to making a website...but not really utilizing it like it should be!!! That's where I'm trying to get better and show them cool things to do so they are more likely to use it.

  6. I used Padlet as a "meet your classmates" before school starts activity. Students posted their favorite online and board game. It was a way for me to get to know them and a way for them to link up to their peers.
    Adding Scholastic is a great idea!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun